A few years ago I was leaving my job at the BBC and wanted to show my appreciation to my colleagues for being so brilliant, so I baked a cake of Jarvis Cocker's face for them.


To an outsider, this may not have been the obvious choice for a parting shot. But my love for baking, Jarvis and the frustrated artist in me turned out to be a perfect combination.


I love playing with flavours, and often my choice of face will be reflected in the sort of cake I think best reflects them - Spinal Tap's Nigel Tufnel was a chocolate Guinness cake for example (none more black). It's just as important to me that the cake tastes great as well as looking good.


The process has been a learning curve, and some cakes have turned out like bad waxworks along the way! But I find making FaceCakes incredibly rewarding - they always give me and their recipient a great deal of pleasure.


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